No education.  Hunger.

It is one out of eight Millennium Development Goals, declared by The United Nations, and also our motivation to realize the Bonthe Youth Resource Center:

“To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.”

The hunger all over the world is still a huge problem, every eighth Person is effected by this. In total 870 Million People are chronically undernourished. 243 million of them live in African countries south of the Sahara Desert. The Millennium Development goals contain to halve the proportion of people who suffer from hunger till 2015, to ensure a primary education for every children worldwide, to reduce the child mortality rate by two-thirds and start to combat diseases such as HIV/Aids and Malaria. Many people in developing countries don't have any access to education, health care and infrastructure. Therefore they are often not able to be part of the public life.

Education is the key to a fair world. The one, who can provide No how, who can read, write and calculate, who is able to catch up, is not dependent on others, is less vulnerable to exploiting and can take the opportunity to cast of poverty by themselves. 
– The UN Millennium Campaign in Germany

Projectarea. Why Bonthe?

We have chosen Sierra Leone, because it is not only one of the poorest countries in the world, but also because it is a neglected country from the international development aid. International Aid payments are still markedly below the goal of 0, 7 percent of the gross national product (GNP) till 2015. Germany is missing this goal by 0, 3 percent. With the help of the Social Business Foundation we found project partners in Sierra Leone. We knew right from the beginning, following thorough researches, that it was necessary to involve natives and to found a non-governmental organization (NGO) to achieve success. Between 2011 and the opening in 2013 we worked together with the development economist Joseph Ndanema and the lawyer Margaret Sumana from Sierra Leone on the development aid project BYRC. Starting with the opening in 2013 Mohamed Salia managed the center until the end of 2014. Together we found the organisation Bonthe Youth Resource Center which is officially accepted by the Ministry of Development in Sierra Leone as a certified non-governmental organization (NGO). This means among other things that graduates have the chance to be nationally certified.

The NGO Green Scenery, founded in 1986, supports the BYRC on site as an associate since August 2014. The management board is composed of people with years of experience managing for instance Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Plan International. The manager ironically was born in Bonthe. This partnership provides the opportunity to stabilize the BYRC and even develop visions for the future.

In Sierra Leone, on an island just off the coast is an idyllic place with an impressive, tropical landscape located: Bonthe. Why Bonthe? Half of the 10.000 inhabitants of Bonthe are between 15 and 35 years old. The young people participating in the civil war were caused not only physical but also serious mental harm. This place is neglected from the international as well as the German development cooperation, because of high costs concerning transportation due to the islandís location and the rough transport route.

Vision. Change for the better.

Together with the village elder and the young people the vision for Bonthe became a project with opportunities for the future. The Bonthe Youth Resource Center.
It provides a three-stage training program:

  1. Literacy
  2. Education 
  3. Imparting of Social skills 

Within 10 years we will help and educate 3000 people from Bonthe. The mostly frustrated, desperate and traumatized teenagers are supposed to turn into stable, confident personalities, who are master of their own life.
In order to realize a revival of the regional economy in Bonthe the young people do not only need a subject-specific education but also the basic know-how of the establishment of a business to build a secure existence in the future. Everyone in Bonthe is going to benefit. In cooperation with the Social Business foundation the graduates of the center will have the chance to receive micro-credits to establish an occupational existence. Our project will also attract people from the mainland which is going revitalize the local trade.