Qualifications. Living conditions.

This project is supposed to improve qualifications and living conditions for teenagers on this extremely neglected Island Sherbro as well as to reduce the social-economic and mental problems caused by the civil war.
Fundamental skills such as reading, writing and calculating are the foundation for the further education in a traditional trade.

  • sewing, knotting, dyeing
  • cooking, bread baking and housekeeping
  • doing carpentry
  • vegetable cultivation

Beneath the education the young people also will be prepared to establish their life or even their own small business with classes in (financed by micro-credits):

  • Acounting 
  • Management
  • Business formation
  • Cleaning of woodland on the building ground

Workshops imparting how to avoid violence, prevent HIV, teaching computer application as well as convey life skills top the whole program off. The special attention is focused on the women’s equality. Currently the women who graduate in our program are still the minority. It is our goal to achieve a balanced ratio. The mostly frustrated, desperate and traumatized teenagers are supposed to turn into stable, confident personalities, who are master of their own life’s.

10 years.  3000 people.

Within 10 years we want to alphabetize and educate around 3000 people and, with help of our program, contribute to revitalize the local economy and protect the social harmony together with the natives.

The first construction stage provides the opportunity of education to more than 100 young people. It contains a cabinetmaker's workshop, a sewing room, computer labs, a school kitchen with a cafeteria, offices for teachers and the center manager, an assembly room, bathrooms, an open landscape for agriculture as well as a soccer field.

Therefore we have collected more than 70.000€ in cash and donated items worth more than 50.000€ yet. In autumn 2012 two 40’ container transporting equipment for the center were shipped to Sierra Leone.

Where does the money come from? Who is constructing?

The young people in Bonthe helped to realize the dream of the Bonthe Youth Resource Center and actively supported the construction of the building. Between March and September 2012 they carried the building material, produced stones and took care of the catering for the workers. Alessandro J‰nicke, a Berlin student of architecture, coordinated the work of the supporting staff and represented us worthily at the opening of the center.

In further buildings are supposed to emerge workshop rooms for brick-lawyers, locksmiths, plumbers and hair dressers in the future.

The costs for the first construction stage amount to 120.000€.

Fees for education. Expenses.

The employees are paid 1500,- € per month – financed by donations. The expenses of 200,- € for material concerning the education are paid by the education fees.

Future. Goals.

The year 2015 will be characterised by the finalisation of several planned projects. The orders for the solar plant, fountain and restrooms are already entered. The execution is happening in "African time" – but we are optimistic. 
New projects like boat-building and chicken-farming are going to begin this year. The center management is now, thanks to the partnership with Green Scenery, based on a solid foundation and will improve the circumstances concerning personnel management, controlling and reporting. The implementation of the fields plumbing and barbering is in the pipeline.