Together we found the organisation Bonthe Youth Resource Center which is officially accepted by the Ministry of Development in Sierra Leone as a certified non-governmental organization (NGO). This means among other things that graduates have the chance to be nationally certified and that no taxes have to be paid. 

Bonthe Youth Resource Center, Germany: Lutz Mühlhaus and Britta Rietzke.

Bonthe Youth Resource Center
Projektleitung Deutschland
Lutz Mühlhaus und Britta Rietzke 

Tel.: +49 40 790 90 434

Lutz Mühlhaus (born 1960), father of one grown-up daughter, has been working self-employed as a legal guardian for twenty years. “When I turned fifty I decided not just to talk about distribution but to life it. Since then I invest 20 percent of my working hours and 20 percent of my income in this project.”

Britta Rietzke (born 1963), mother of two grown-up sons, is an ecotrophologist and self-employed. “Church and believing in god has been a permanent feature in my everyday life since 20 years. For me, as a Christian, Charity as well as justice are essential topics of life. Even though I’m a Christian, unlike Lutz, we share ethical and humanitarian values and the desire for an equal und fair world.”

Alessandro Jänicke (born 1986), is studying Architecture in Berlin and is a project manager at Solar Decathlon, the biggest international solar award-winning program. After several stays in Africa, for example Zimbabwe und Tanzania, he is part of the project since 2011. “My work is dominated by sustainability and social responsibility.”


Green Scenery. The management board is composed of people with years of experience managing for instance Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Plan International. The manager ironically was born in Bonthe.