About 10.000 people, including 2.000 families, live in Bonthe, a village on Sherbro Island. Within the project Chicken for Bonthe, the people of Bonthe will be taught how to rear chicken, with the goal of supporting their families with food (eggs and meat). Each family receives four chicken and a rooster as a “Starter Kit” and a family member participates in lessons on chicken farming. This is to achieve sustained success concerning the ability of local families to support themselves with basic foods.

The project is financially supported by the German company Hornbacher Betriebe. Additionally, our team has been fundraising at public events and local gastronomy around Hamburg in order to further expand our chicken farming project. In Sierra Leone, the average price of a hen is 3€, a rooster costs the double amount.

Donations are highly appreciated, if you are interested in our project or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via E-Mail or on Facebook.

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