The Opening. Mayor of Bonthe Town.

Alessandro Jänicke and Mohamed Salia had to work the three weeks before the opening around the clock in order to take this huge step concerning our project. Therefore we would like to thank both of them and everyone who helped to realize this project in Bonthe.

The equipment of the center is described from the political officials as well as the teachers as outstanding and unique in this region. This fills us with pride and should obtain all the supporters satisfaction. Nevertheless there are still several things missing which purchase was not possible yet.

Since 1 October 2013 the training company started with 36 trainees. Ever since new trainees join every day. The center became the main topic of conversation around the island and is going to be used to capacity with 100 trainee.

The business is currently run by seven trainers and employees who we hired. Besides the center manager there is one teacher employed for adult literacy and a trainer for either woodwork, sewing, computer application or cooking. In addition we hired one assistant who is responsible for security and tidiness. Hopefully it is possible to hire a trainer in the field agriculture latest in March 2015.

Professional education. A Successful future.

Our trainees are between 19 and 35 years old. Most of them never considered that they would have the opportunity to start an education in order to achieve a successful future for themselves and their families. Consequently the euphoric vibe in the center is noticeable. The first trainees have already established small businesses and are able to provide their families.

The first construction stage provides the opportunity of education to more than 100 young people. It contains a cabinetmaker's workshop, a sewing room, computer labs, a school kitchen with a cafeteria, offices for teachers and the center manager, an assembly room, bathrooms, an open landscape for agriculture as well as a soccer field.

Beginning of 2015. Support.

We need charitable donations to guarantee the continuation of the project. More specifically: from the beginning of 2014 we need approximately 800 € per month. Therefore we appeal for your support.

Maybe you are gracious once again. In the meantime it will be our core task to raise funds for the Center. We rely on your ideas and your support in order to realize them. 

Kind regards, 
Lutz Mühlhaus & Britta Rietzke